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Ecotourism Meetups: Engaging tourists in sustainable activities

Wed 20 January, 201612:00pm-4:00pm
Location: icecairo, Greek Campus, Downtown, Office No# 04
Event by: Responsible and Inclusive Business Hub MENA
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Ecotourism meetups are back! We're starting 2016 with a workshop on engaging tourists in sustainable activities. As more adventure tour and activity clubs pop up on Facebook, how can we we build partnerships between these groups and local businesses and lodges to drive tourists to environmentally-friendly destinations and activities? From bird watching to sand boarding, we'll look at what's working for these experience-driven trips and what support they need to grow in a sustainable way. Environmental groups and eco-tourism leaders will discuss what guidelines tour operators could follow to minimize their impact on the environment.

Meetups are brought to you by the GIZ Responsible & Inclusive Business Hub MENA, coordinated by Lindsey Parietti.

Some of you may know Lindsey as coordinator of the Cairo Climate Talks, where she works to bring a variety of environmental topics to the public. In 2015, Lindsey filmed and produced a documentary about ecolodges in Egypt that can be seen here: She is also a video journalist.

RIBH MENA is the GIZ Responsible and Inclusive Business Hub for the MENA region based in Cairo, Egypt. It powers a paradigm shift towards sustainable development in the Middle East & North Africa. It is part of a global network of hubs that provide information and raise awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusive Business. Beyond this, we assist the private sector with skills and business model development as well as networking support around CSR and IB.

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