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How to Build Your Startup?

Sun 14 February, 20166:00pm-9:00pm
Thu 18 February, 20166:00pm-9:00pm
Location: icecairo, Office 04, Greek Campus, Downtown
Event by: Start Up School & icecairo
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About the event

Setting up and running a successful business is challenging. To walk into such rough road you need all the assistance you can get from professionals and experts. icecairo has partnered with Startup School, in whom we believe is able to provide you with the needed assistance, guidance and knowledge.

Why “How to build your Startup?” program ?
The material they use is developed from the most advanced startup training material of the Founder Institute in Silicon Valley and the Design School of Stanford. They designed the curriculum in a way that gives their students access to what the world now knows about building a startup. Students practice in class all the phases of building a startup, starting with the idea and how to evaluate it, ending by how to grow a working business. The program also allows their students to think like CEOs, to prioritize and delegate efficiently and it gives them the tools they need to start and scale a good business.

Who is the trainer?
Ibrahim Mahgoub is an entrepreneur and professional trainer. He founded Le Planneur for event management in 2012, he was co-founder and Business Development Manager at Qumra Media. Mahgoub has been working as an Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Trainer for Injaz Egypt, UNIDO, and EFE and other organizations for the past four years. He also conducted several TOT (Training of Trainers) for Educators around Egypt.

Why Startup School?
Startup School offers educational and professional support to idea-phase entrepreneurs. They do that through the provision of intensive "idea incubation" training cycles that guide rising startups in turning their ideas into marketable products and/or services and getting operational by ultimately reaching their product-market fit. The school enables an environment of learning and testing for ideas that work. Startup School has been working for 1 year. They graduated 10 classes of entrepreneurs; approximately 100 founders took their first steps towards building their own startups!

“How to build your Startup?” program covers the following:

The Founder:
What are the founder's priorities during each phase?
How to decide on what matters?

The Idea:
How to get an idea?
How to evaluate and improve an idea?
How to use the Business Model Canvas?
How to pitch to investors & partners?

The Product:
How to do Market Research?
How to build and test a prototype?
How to reach a product-market fit?

The Team:
How and when to hire?
How to operate, scale and grow capacity?

The Execution:
How to get funding?
How to manage cashflow?
How to plan?

Join our 11th intake and become part of a community of future CEOs.

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